Dedicated Development Teams: What Are They and Do You Need One?

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The competitive market puts pressure on companies to develop new technologies. Relying on an in-house development team has become challenging to the point where companies look for an alternative approach. Accordingly, dedicated development team models have become an excellent solution for this.

With a cost-effective and time-saving option that provides complete control, companies choose dedicated developers to keep up with the market dynamics.

How will your company benefit from a dedicated development team in a fast-paced market? This post explains everything you need to know!

What Is a Dedicated Development Team?

A dedicated development team is a business model in software development for streamlined collaboration with a client. The model helps establish a long-term relationship, usually in a remote working environment. The dedicated team is a service provider for the company that outsources its services.

When you choose to have a long-term collaboration with a dedicated team of DevOps engineers, you get all the benefits of an in-house team but don’t have to do tedious tasks such as administration of tax, HR, and social benefits. You can dedicate your time and effort to achieving your business goals.

The team can consist of experts in a wide range of fields, depending on your needs. You can include software developers, UX designers, business analysts, project managers, and QA specialists.

Dedicated Development Team

How Do Dedicated Development Teams Work

The team is dedicated to your project, just like your internal team would be. They work full-time for the project and usually in a remote working environment. The process is similar to your in-house team consisting of a few phases.


The discovery phase is when the stakeholders meet and define the project details. At this stage, they will determine the scope, the number of team members, project goals, required technology expertise, and costs.

Team Setup

The team setup phase shapes the partnership. The outsourcing company and client sign the contract, creating the team. The company’s responsibility is to form a team with the required skills and knowledge. They will choose the best matches from the company’s pool of talent. In some cases, the development company doesn’t have employees with the requested talents on board. Therefore, they need to recruit and find candidates within three months to create the perfect team for the client company.


When the team of developers is set up, the client starts working with them to develop the product. They will delegate the tasks to the dedicated team as they would to their in-house team. The development company is responsible for setting the work environment. They will facilitate the tasks and have frequent HR meetings to enhance employee motivation and retention.

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Why Choose a Dedicated Software Team

The dedicated development model works for both well-established companies and startups. Hiring a complete development team is more feasible for growing startups. They can save money by not having to rent an office or source talent. 

Working with a software development partner benefits large companies having issues finding the right specialists with extensive experience. The dedicated team approach helps companies with increased workflow look for a feasible solution to work on long-term projects. Furthermore, a team of specialists can help with a new field in which you lack the necessary level of experience and skills.

At the heart of your software development strategy should be a dedicated software team that is capable of understanding your business’s needs and providing the best solutions for your software development projects. Here are some of the benefits that come with having a dedicated software team on your side:

Cost Savings

The dedicated team model cuts down on operational costs. You don’t need to cover the workspace, recruiting, training, and legal fees. The development company will cover the costs while providing the tech expertise you need. In addition, hiring remote talents decreases the costs while delivering the quality service you need. The scope of the work is already defined, so you can be sure there are no budget overruns. The experts can be paid an hourly rate or daily, depending on your project.


Having a development company take on time-consuming tasks is a relief. You only need to describe your project and business requirements, and the company will create an extended team for you. This way, you don’t have to dedicate time to choosing suitable team members. You don’t have to worry about the employee’s motivation and retention either since the company’s HR team takes care of this. By adopting a dedicated team structure, business owners can focus on achieving higher business goals.

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Full Control

You have complete control over the dedicated software development team as a client. Customers can choose the level of participation they want in a project. For example, they can define the requirements and leave the rest to the experts. Or they can work closely with the project team if the nature of the project requires it.

Increased Productivity

The team is already used to this type of project and work style, so you won’t need to devote time to adjustments. A dedicated team can quickly adapt to a client’s needs and get to work.

Easy Access to Talent Pools

Sourcing experts with a defined skillset locally can be difficult. With a dedicated project team structure, you aren’t solely limited to local teams. When finding talents with a specific skill set is challenging, the dedicated team model gives you access to a global expert pool. With the help of different communication tools, coordinating with your remote team is going to be easier than ever.

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No Hardware and Software Costs

In-house software development requires you to set up a working space. The tech company has already established a functional space and the resources needed to start the process, so you won’t have additional costs. The process includes equipping the workspace and providing digital resources, which is costly and time-consuming.


With dedicated software developers, you have complete control over the process. The team is flexible to adjust to your project requirements in terms of tools and approach. You can set clear deadlines and the number of experts you want to work on your project.

Increased Creativity

An in-house team does not provide diverse skills, making it challenging to work on dynamic projects. While you can add more members to your team, this might not make the expected difference in creativity. With the possibility of outsourcing talents worldwide, you can bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to your development process.


Working with an in-house team means you will stick with the same skills and mindsets. A dedicated team allows you to choose talents with skills highly relevant to your project. The diversity in skillset is ideal for companies that work on dynamic software development projects and want complete control over the working process without exceeding their budget.

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