We power amazing teams with top talent, enabling organizations to meet SURPASS their business objectives.


18Techs has been proudly serving clients since 2006 and cultivating a network of qualified elite professionals who are looking for the dedication and stability that the staff augmentation model offers.

We don’t believe in cheap outsourced labor or merely punching a clock. We will fight the battles alongside your company. Whether it’s meeting a tight deadline or preparing for an important demo, we’ll put in the same time just as your employees would to see that you succeed.

Are you a fantastic expert in a tech field?

Want to join an exclusive and fantastic family? Apply today to see how you can join other top developers, designers, and marketers.


Internally, we strive to create a fun and professional environment where our consultants can continue to develop their skills. We promote a culture of lifelong learning and firmly believe in a healthy life balance.

Our people love what they do, and they are active in communities, blogs, GitHub, repositories, etc. We’re passionate about what we do and like to share it with our clients and the world.

Learn how 18Techs can help you build the team your company deserves.

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